Discretion of a2z automatic Curved Glass Door :-
Curve door systems are suitable entrance areas where interior outlook need ultra modern Fashionable .
• It is used as inside door such as Luxurious Shopping complex, Showroom, Bank, Office, Hotel, Hospitals, Clinic , etc.
** Features of automatic revolving door :
• It contains intelligent Microcomputer control systems with self-learning function & advanced smart technological configuration.
• It have built-in programmes memories
• High sensitive Motion sensor.
• Multiple Safty beam for safe passage.
• Access System with finger print, password, RF card .
• Electronic lock
• Low power consumption.
• Energy Saving mood .
• It Support UPS system, When power failure you can choose high power UPS System.
• Remote control work with 50 metres distance.
Remote control and function keypad have different functions :- always full open + always half open + Entity only+ exit only, automatic lock, normal open.
Manual key pad for manual open or close.
Emergency stop button available.
Disabled button available

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